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Safety Is defined with Fire Proof Coating and Thermal Coatings
Why  Becaus it could save your family

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With Temp-Coat protecting your home, your heat loss in winter is dramatically reduced.  Heat is retained in winter and rejected in summer, making your home much more
comfortable and less expensive to condition.  Temp-Coat sprayed on the roof of the above home reduced attic heat from 141 degrees down to 102.
 It can be applied to water heaters, ducts, pipes, and on the home either internally or externally, and is available in clear, white, or tintable bases.
  You can apply it yourself or ask your painting contractor to install Temp-Coat in your home.



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If you've got a big job to do that requires juggling a lot of equations and variables such as heat, cold consideration, space, freeze, thaws, heat tracing, down time, turnarounds and a myriad of other considerations, demand TEMP-COAT®.
We carry a complete line of environmentally safe products designed for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Our product line is long lasting, safe, and geared for safety to protect your property and save you money on energy costs,
 repairs and renovations.


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