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Most interior paint, stain and stripper fumes can be
 flammable and hazardous to health.

Could contain toxic chemicals
Read the labels of all products to be used Learn about what to do in case of an emergency. Always open several windows Doors,
 ( If you put plastic on windows then make a window flat to let in fresh air
) to provide better-than-adequate ventilation when painting, paint stripping, staining or cleaning up.
Do Not
paint or use solvent-based paints, strippers, stains,  SLC House Painters use caulking or clean-up supplies near an open flame See  or pilot light, including furnace, and water heater.
 and are you painting in the kitchen? Stove pilot light When working with solvent-based materials it is best to wear a respirator  which will be available at major paint stores.
 Do not sleep in a freshly painted rooms Thing of your children's health for two days if at all possible.
 (Remember Green paint is not Perfect does have toxins)


Thermal Paint  & Indstrial and Marine Coatins
   Our premiere product is TEMP-COAT®, the very best and oldest name in liquid ceramic insulations. TEMP-COAT® is a liquid latex barrier form of insulation that
 has many uses for Industry,


Industrial and Marine Coatings
 Including  Swimming Pool Paint

Alkyds-Silicone Alkyds, Army Corps Paints, Gov't Specification Paints, Polyaspartic Coatings, Moisture Cure Urethanes Bridge Coatings,  Zinc Rich Coatings,
Marine Coatings, Floor Coatings, Epoxy Primers Much More   IndMar Coatings Corporation


Best Residential Paint Ever

Armorex HB is mildew and fungus resistant up to federal standards, and can be used on stucco, brick, block, cement, and wood –
even properly prepared metal surfaces. 
Armorex Brand Coatings petrolilum



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