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MSHA Talk is a site where you can read about Safety. See photos of dumm things being done with out safety in mine. Also things that are being acomplished in the MSHA & OSHA world

As MSHA Certified Painters. SLC House Painters feels that It is the right decision in completing a contract with a company
 that puts Safety as their top priority. We know all safety aspects of the job. We Provide Safety Meetings

and processes that are set in place to save lives. Safety - Safety   Accidents on these jobs can be fatal so this is a life and death situation. Safety is the most important
attribute of Industrial Commercial Painters for a successful job

MSHA = Mine Safety and Health   Administration Certified
Mining is an inherently hazardous operation and a strong focus on safety is necessary to protect lives



Kennott Copper Mines
 Urainium One Mines

Barrick Gold Mines & Climax Mines

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Our Company Industrial Commercial Painters has been train by excellent instructor. We have several that we highly recommend. 
To have a company recommend who they use is a value to you company's success


MSHA Certified Painters

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